N 36° 29' 30" - E 23° 03' 53"


Published on 20 August 2001 - Updated on 23 August 2012
by Freddy Riffont

Charts     Forecast area KITHIRA SEA 
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The Harbour
Access   Description Small harbour.
The quay is used by the Kithira ferry in Summer. It make 4 trips a day and overnights at quay (avril 2006). 
Services None  Draught <5m 
Heavy svces   Anchorage Harbour not very crowded. Long quay very secure, super protected. Ideal stopover to rest from meltem if you were in Neapolis or in Elafonissos island. 
the Place
Rental svces  
Various svces Is a stopover for Neapoli ferries in case of meltem (that reach here regularly 8Bf) 
Setting Not so beautiful: a quay, a chapel, and the view on that chapel.  Tourism