N 36° 51' 42" - E 25° 30' 52"
Schinoussa island
Tsiguri bay

Published on 9 August 2008 - Updated on 23 August 2015
by Freddy Riffont

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Dangers In Tsiguri bay, take care to Vrachos (rocks) in the center of the bay, well visible by rough sea; it is dark and low, and the sounder shows a draught of 10-20m before the rock. And with the sun in the eyes... 
The Anchorage
Access West of Schinoussa island 
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©Freddy Riffont

©Freddy Riffont

Description Enough 
Draught <10-0m and low slope, <6m at 400 m of the shore 
Anchorage In Livadi bay (South of Tsiguri), good holding, protection from NE and East winds. But sensible to N-NW wind (swell) 
the Place
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Ilot affleurant
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Victualling Nothing 
Various svces  
Setting In Tsiguri bay (North of Livadi bay), good protection thanks to topography and the islet that breaks the swell.
Livadi bay is a great bay open to West and South-West. Few second homes. Space, good for picnic.