N 42° 03' 44" - E 35° 02' 37"

Hamsilos Koyu

Published on 3 March 2008 - Updated on 11 August 2013
by Freddy Riffont

Charts     Forecast area  
by Day North of Aklimani.   
by Night    
Dangers Rocky extension quite underwater at the South entry.   
Lights FI(4)20s9M 
The Anchorage
Access   Description Enough. 
Services   Draught <4m 
Anchorage Mean protection from winds, due to the NNE orientation of the entry. 
the Place
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Victualling Nothing 
Various svces  
Setting A bay of about a quarter mille. It looks like to that of Gökovar Körfezi (Bodrum). Lined with pines. Quite touristic as destination.  Tourism