N 37° 08' 7" - E 24° 27' 19"
Serifos island

Published on 21 August 2007 - Updated on 22 August 2007
by Freddy Riffont

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Dangers A chain is supposed to lay on the bottom in the NW of the bay, in ront of the local boats anchorage. I didn’t see anything but it is may be dug into the mud?   
The Anchorage
Access South of Serifos island  Description  
Services   Draught <5m in the NW, but quickly increasing to 10/15m; <3-5m in the NE with a more regular slope 
Anchorage In the NW, the best place is between the beach and the construction for mineral loading. But careful, the holding is poor: soft mud and seawed with hard sand. In front of the beach, fixed mooring buoys oblige to anchor at 8-10m, same holding.
The NE bay, "Vayia", is much wider but under direct NE wind and with a NW wind that blows stronger.
Both places are open to the South sector. Quite permanent swell. Not advised by night with strong wind. 
the Place
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Various svces  
Setting This baie has some charm for those who like industrial remains, testimony of a human activity that is quickly damaging. It is not very crowded and yacht prefer to sail directly to Livadhi.  Tourism  


Old place of the mining company that went to Mega Livadhi in 1890. The shore is a real gruyère, pierced with galeries to extract magnetite. This curious mineral is a very heavy stone that looks like a rusted metal block.