N 36° 46' - E 24° 36' 35"
Poliagos island

Published on 15 August 2007 - Updated on 15 August 2007
by Freddy Riffont

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by Day Evidently, take care to the low draught when approaching between the Manolonisi and Poliagos island.   
by Night    
Dangers Draught <1m West of the island, in the strait separating it from Poliagos island.   
The Anchorage
Access   Description Two creeks separated by a shallow (draught 1-1,50m), the deeper creek being on Poliagos shore.
- South creek (draught 2-6m), sand of good holding, open South to West. The South anchorage allow to anchor back to the wind, a rock by the coast having been dug to put a line (what big yachts do).
- the North creek (draught 2-4m), sand of good holding, protection from SE to SW. There are also iron in the rocks to anchor back to the island. No swell and an excellent place. 
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Anchorage Choice the week to come here because on WE big yacht come litteraly cut the place in two, with big noises (ski, scooter, dinghy). 
the Place
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South creek viewed from the beach
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