N 36° 09' - W 05° 21' 17"

Gibraltar - Marina Bay
United Kingdom, 73220

Published on 5 March 2007 - Updated on 6 March 2007
by ADB , by Patrick Boncap

Charts SHOM 7298-7042
BA 793-142-144-1448
Esp. 445-3500-4451-4452 
  Forecast area ALBORAN 
Distances Jose Banus 29M - Marbella 32M 
Approach   Harbour master T: +350 73300, F: +350 78373 
by Day It is advisable to report oneself to the pilot station, situated at the end of the Rock.    Harbour VHF VHF 12 Gibraltar Harbour - VHF 71 Marina Bay 
by Night     Rescue  
Dangers Watch for the important cargo traffic and the many ships anchored in the bay.    Forecast svces TT: 53416 
Lights N jetty light: F.f.r. 
The Harbour
Access Sheppard’s Marina and Marina Bay are situated N of Gibraltar, near the airport runway. Then, one shall sail along then turn round the vast commercial harbour by the exterior before to turn right by the N jetty.  Description 209 berths. Fixed pontoons with mooring on dangle. 
Services Water, electricity, toilets  Draught <2,50-3m - Tides tables 
Heavy svces Shipchandlers. Engine and electrical workshops. Yacht repair facility at Sheppard’s Marina (H. Sheppard & Co Ltd).  Anchorage Much backwash in the harbour by any weather.
Marina Bay is ideally placed, near the centre and the airport. This harbour is quite confused, often full in Summer, and one shall often be patient before to moor to arrange customs formalities. The Algeciras harbour (that did’nt cost a cent in 2005, but without services) offers more berths (but less advantages!). 
the Place
Victualling Fuel at Sheppard’s Marina. 
Rental svces  
Various svces Customs: office at Sheppard’s Marina, near the fuel pontoon. T: +350 78879. 
Setting   Tourism