N 41° 10' 38" - E 29° 35' 44"


Published on 13 November 2006 - Updated on 13 August 2007
by Freddy Riffont

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Approach   Harbour master Sile Liman Baskanligi (Harbourmaster) - Sile / Istanbul
T: 90 216 711 50 35 
by Day     Harbour VHF  
by Night     Rescue  
Dangers Dangerous entry by strong NW wind. Sand banks are forming during Winter.    Forecast svces  
The Harbour
Access   Description Not many berths because it is a fishing harbour. So one must ask locals where to berth.
Better berth in the NE of the harbour. But watch the draught in the SE part of the quay, where it is only 1,50 to 1,60m draught. 
Services   Draught <1m near the beach; <1,80-3,50 at quay. 
Heavy svces   Anchorage  
the Place
Victualling More complete in the village (700m). 
Rental svces  
Various svces Restaurants by the quays. Excellent fish meals. 
Setting Fishing harbour with a remarkable castle built on an isolated rock. A beach appreciated by Turkish holidaymakers. Pine wood and sand dunes (this sand would have healing virtues for rhumatism and sciatic).  Tourism