N 36° 58' - E 27° 17' 36"
Gökova korfezi

Published on 13 November 2006 - Updated on 7 December 2009
by Freddy Riffont

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Dangers A low draught on the E side of the bay, marked by a pole. Water being clear, it is easy to see it.    Forecast svces  
The Harbour
Access   Description The harbour is crowded with tourists gulets, fishing and private boats. No berth possible. 
Services   Draught Low draught in the bay 
Heavy svces   Anchorage This place allow to avoid the quite expensive Bodrum’s marina. And it is quiet in the evening.
The bay offers many possibilities:
- in the NE near the beach, a solid and free buoy. Good protection from the wind.
- in the S-SW, just under the cliff, near the harbour jetty. Offers the best protection against the N wind.
- the creek in the West of the harbour is clearly more in the axis of the wind, and less good against North sector winds. 
the Place
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Victualling Small grocery with limited choice. 
Rental svces  
Various svces Very good fish restaurants.
Dolmus to Bodrum (35’, 2€). 
Setting Nice bay, with a harbour more pleasant that could let think the proximity of Bodrum.  Tourism