N 37° 18' - E 26° 33' 45"
Patmos island
ormos Grikou
also ormos Grikos

Published on 29 August 2006 - Updated on 8 August 2014
by Roger Proust , by Freddy Riffont , by samusingers

Charts     Forecast area  
by Day Seamark: Tragos island. Approach by the South between Tragos island and Patmos island. Stay well in the middle of the fairway.   
by Night The entry of the fairway is North of Tragos island, visible with its light. No other night marking. The village is lit at night.   
Dangers Reef on the East of Tragos island. Take care to the shallow (draught of 1-3m) situated on the West of the South entry.   
Lights Tragos island: FI(2)WR.16s5/3M 
The Anchorage
Access Take care to the draught when approaching near the shore.  Description Small quay ahead of the village, very crowded in Summer. Take care to the draught.
Anchor North, near the beach, or according to the wind, behind the rock of the isthmus. Control the holding of the anchor. Seaweds bottom.
Anchorage on buoy (free) possible when there are available. 
Services   Draught <10-110m 
Anchorage Anchorage well protected against the meltem, despite the gusts, but open to the East. 
the Place
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vue vers le Nord
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Victualling Grocery in the village.
Restaurants on the shore. 
Various svces Daily bus to the town of Patmos. 
Setting Nice bay limited by the beach and an isthmus. The rock that stands between Diakofti and Griko was inhabited. It is deserted since about ten years.  Tourism  

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