N 41° 27' 0" - E 12° 39' 34"

Published on 12 May 2005 - Updated on 21 August 2013

Charts IIM 914, 7, 8, 77    Forecast area CIRCEO 
Approach   Harbour master  
by Day     Harbour VHF  
by Night     Rescue  
Dangers     Forecast svces  
The Harbour
Access   Description 850 berths. Well protected harbour. Enough berths for visitors. 
Services   Draught  
Heavy svces   Anchorage A very sympathetic stopover on the Tyrrhenian sea between Tuscany islands and Pontine islands. Nice and competent harbour crew. 
the Place
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Victualling Any stores needed in the modern district.
Just when exiting the harbour, before to climb the stairs to the old town, I recommend the Yacht Club restaurant: it is quite expensive but it deserves a stop. 
Rental svces  
Various svces  
Setting The town, that stretches on the hill, is made of two parts: an old medieval town, very nice and busy, and a modern town with all stores needed.  Tourism