N 40° 10' 31" - E 15° 01' 43"

Published on 11 May 2005 - Updated on 14 July 2014

Charts IIM 915, 11    Forecast area CIRCEO 
Approach   Harbour master  
by Day     Harbour VHF  
by Night     Rescue  
Dangers The port is subject to silting up. Many shallows are close to Acciaroli: most dangerous are Secca del Generale (TE 0,50m), approximately 600m S-E of the external mole, extremely dangereous by calm sea; and Secca Vecchia (TE 1,50m), at about 350m of the external mole. These shallows are in the red sector of the light of the external mole.    Forecast svces Pontile Guariglia 8h-20h 
Lights - F W 3s sect R 4M sect W 6M, end of the external jetty (sect R 293° to 346°, sect W 346° to 126°)
- F G fixed 2 vert 3M, end of internal jetty
- F iso R with sect G 2s 4M, at 430m East of external jetty (sect R visible from South coast at 062°, G from 062° to 083°)
- F sc W 9é 14s 5M on Secca del Generale. 
The Harbour
Access Sail near the external jetty when entering.  Description 300 berths, of which 40 for visitors 
Services Water, electricity  Draught <2,50-5m 
Heavy svces Crane (50t), travellift (170t), repair (electricity, motor)  Anchorage  
the Place
Victualling Fuel (8h-13h/16h-20h. Disponible 24h T: 339.2675780/0974.904138) 
Rental svces  
Various svces  
Setting   Tourism