N 38° 55' 20" - E 20° 53' 10"
Amvrakikos kolpos

Published on 12 September 2002 - Updated on 21 August 2013
by Daniel Blouin , by Freddy Riffont

Charts Admiralty Chart 2405    Forecast area NORTH IONIAN SEA 
Approach   Harbour master  
by Day     Harbour VHF  
by Night     Rescue  
Dangers An uncharted rock, just above the surface, is 40 m ESE of the extemity of Ak Panagia, when approaching Vonitsa. Sail well round the cape because it is difficult to see.
Storms sometimes violent 
  Forecast svces  
The Harbour
Access Warning: if you want to moor at quay, what is convenient for victualling or go to the restaurant (that are very good) or make water (free), one shall wary of the E part. Irons for concrete extrude underwater from the quay and may pierce through a hull. It is better to moor on the West of the quay.  Description This harbour is not so busy and very sympathetic. But one must come soon to the harbour during High Season because berths are looked after.
It is then possible to anchor in Koukouvitsa and come to the town by feet by the seaside or with the dinghy. 
Services Water (free) at quay. No electricity.  Draught  
Heavy svces   Anchorage Anchorage vrey safe (to the contrary of the quay) behind the breakwater (big stones) and in the two little creeks in the W-NW.
The mooring rings of the quay are rusted. Works in progress on the quay and the breakwater. It should be the building of a closed harbour. A new quay has been built, but the draught is not known (April 2006). 
the Place
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Victualling Victualling twice less expensive than in other known places.
Given that there are bass breeding nearby, one find bass of good quality to sell by the local fish shop. 
Rental svces  
Various svces Good restaurant of local products (not the tavernas by the quay of the harbour but the first one, with a fish insign) when heading to the beach, after the crossing of the main street. 
Setting   Tourism